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Our device will take care of your posture during all the hours you have to all the hours you have to sit.

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It’s difficult to maintain a good posture when sitting, and this could lead to back pain and cervical problems.

Thanks to Benesit, you will forget about being uncomfortable in your chair or sitting incorrectly. By placing it on the backrest of your chair, you will receive alerts when you are sitting in bad postures.

Improve your posture in just a few days!

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Gentle vibration

Statistics of your posture

The product

Back pain is a big problem for people and companies. That’s why we have developed a device that you can place on your chair and warns you when it detects that you are in a bad posture.

Put it on the back of the
of the chair

It will warn you when you are
in a bad posture

Improve your posture
in just a few days

The team

This start-up is being developed by Joan Ortiz and Enrique Vilalta. We are two biomedical engineers from the University of Barcelona, with a master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Enrique Vilalta, CEO

Entrepreneurial mindset willing to take on the challenge of starting and growing a business like this, in charge of the business model and marketing.


Our company has to be a reference, not only in postural health, but also in innovation, coherence and ethical values. We want to use the most advanced technology to improve people's quality of life.

Joan Ortiz, CTO

Joan Ortiz, CTO – Passionate about technology and health, capable of bringing an excellent to bring to market an excellent product. In charge of the technical technical aspects of the company.


We must have a perfect product ready for users. We want customers to smile when they touch a Benesit, use Benesit or think of Benesit.



Our Mission

Queremos que mejores tu postura, que desarrolles todo tu potencial.

Postural technology

Benesit detecta tu postura mientras estás sentado mediante sensores de última generación.

Software de decisión

Con la información de los sensores, mediante nuestro propio algoritmo Benesit detecta cuando la postura es correcta y cuando no.

Collecting data

Informe postural personalizado. Benesit recopila tus datos de la postura de forma privada para que puedas ver cómo te sientas y tu evolución y mejora.

Good posture

Prolonged sitting with poor posture can be harmful to the back and can lead to back pain.

Many articles agree that sitting in poor posture can damage the musculoskeletal system of the back, and some say it can also be harmful to the respiratory system. The importance of maintaining a good posture and getting up from time to time is clear in all the articles, being active is also fundamental, doing sports should be a duty and not just a hobby for everyone.

Prolonged sitting with poor posture can be harmful to the back and can lead to back pain.

For more information on this subject here are several studies:

Musculo skeletal and pulmonary effects of sitting position – a systematic review >

Occupational sitting behaviour and its relationship with back pain – A pilot study >

The effect of sitting posture on the loads at cervicothoracic and lumbosacral joints >

Here is a video explaining the importance of good posture.


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Our customers

There are many people who can use our product. From young to old, from students to employees. If you spend a lot of time sitting during the day, we are your solution. Here are some of our customers.


If you have a company with employees sitting many hours a day, we can help you take care of them.


If you work every day sitting for long hours, we can help you make sure you are sitting correctly.


Si pasas muchas horas sentado mientras juegas, podemos ayudarte a disminuir la probabilidadde desarrollar una lesión.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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