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Do you suffer from back pain and neck problems from sitting for long periods of time?

We present you with the solution you’ve been looking for: Benesit, the perfect tool to forget about bad postures that undermine your well-being.

With this innovative technology, improving your posture is easier than you think. By placing Benesit on the back of your chair, you will receive alerts when you are sitting in an incorrect position.

You will be able to correct your posture within just a few days of using Benesit. Improve your life, improve your health!

Monthly subscription of 20€/month

150€ VAT included.

3 years of warranty

14-day return policy

Free 24-hour shipping

180 hours


Gentle vibration

Statistics of your posture

Put it on the back of the
of the chair

It will warn you when you are
in a bad posture

Improve your posture
in just a few days

The team

This start-up is being developed by Joan Ortiz and Enrique Vilalta. We are two biomedical engineers from the University of Barcelona, with a master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Sit well, feel well

Sit well, feel well


If you spend many hours sitting while gaming, we can help you reduce the probability of developing an injury.


If you work seated for many hours every day, we can help you ensure that you are sitting correctly.


If you have a company with employees sitting for many hours a day, we can help you take care of them

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Carrer de Pascual i Vila, 08028 Barcelona

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¿Te surgen dudas sobre benesit?
¿Te surgen dudas sobre benesit?