Do you suffer from back pain and neck problems from sitting for long periods of time?

We present you with the solution you’ve been looking for: Benesit, the perfect tool to forget about bad postures that undermine your well-being.

With this innovative technology, improving your posture is easier than you think. By placing Benesit on the back of your chair, you will receive alerts when you are sitting in an incorrect position.

You will be able to correct your posture within just a few days of using Benesit. Improve your life, improve your health!

Monthly subscription of 16,5€/month

150€ VAT included.

2 years of warranty

14-day return policy

Free 24-hour shipping


If you spend many hours sitting while gaming, we can help you reduce the probability of developing an injury.


If you work seated for many hours every day, we can help you ensure that you are sitting correctly.


If you have a company with employees sitting for many hours a day, we can help you take care of them

30 hours


Gentle vibration

Statistics of your posture

Sit well, feel well

Sit well, feel well

Welcome to Benesit

¿What is it for?

Our device will help you correct your bad posture during all the hours you have to sit. We will help you acquire a new healthy postural habit thanks to our Benesit.

What is it for?

Our device will help you correct your bad posture during all the hours you have to sit. We will help you acquire a new healthy postural habit thanks to Benesit. In addition, it will help you avoid harmful postures for too long thanks to its warning system to stand up and do exercises to contribute to the correct posture.

What solution it will provide?

"Greater performance and reliability, save time and gain comfort."

Our main objective is to help people improve their posture and sit better all day, especially those who sit for many hours a day, such as office workers or students. We want people to feel better and be more productive, and we will achieve this by improving their posture, thus preventing back pain and reminding them to stand up and stretch. This will improve bad postural habits and have a positive impact on users

Advanced sensors with haptic technology

The sensor on the top of the device detects how far you are from the chair so that you have a range of movement that gives you freedom. In addition, it indicates the level to be well seated, ensuring that you are supporting your lower back on the chair.

The sensor on the bottom of the device is a sensor that serves to check and verify the lumbar support exerted on the cushion.

Device size

The product, measuring 40x29x2.7 cm and weighing 514 g, is divided into two parts, the textile part for attaching it to the chair and the electronic part.


A 2000mAh battery is used that allows the use of Benesit for a period of approximately two to three weeks.

Product composition

For the interior part of the textile, premium 3D fabrics and cell foam have been used. The 3D mesh fabric makes it breathable and the device is very comfortable and adaptable to users' backs and chairs.

Different components have been used for the electronic part, the hardware is composed of the two sensors that monitor the back, 1 on the top and 1 on the bottom, and a box that contains the battery, the board, and the system. The central part is composed and designed of synthetic leather / faux leather.

The textile product is washable, although it is advisable that this step be done with a specialist to avoid future problems with the electronics inside it.

Automatic app synchronization

The Benesit app receives the data collected by the device and shows them to you, so you can see the progression throughout the day, week, or month. The application also contains suggestions for simple exercises to perform and thus improve postural health.

What's included?

The package includes the posture sensor cushion, a charging cable, and the product installation instructions with usage warnings. In addition, the app and all its services will be free and included with the purchase of Benesit

Importance of good posture

Have you ever felt back pain after sitting for hours without knowing why? At Benesit, we give you the answer and the solution.

Several articles show that sitting in a bad posture can damage the musculoskeletal system of the back and can be harmful to the respiratory system.

The importance of maintaining a good posture and standing up regularly and being active is fundamental. If you’re worried about not knowing how to achieve it, get the help of Benesit, a device that will change your life and improve your postural health.

Download our app

With our Benesit app, you can check your personalized statistics at any time: you can find out how long you have been sitting, how long you have been in a good or bad posture, and how many breaks you have taken. Keep track of your postural health and also receive free advice and stretches to help you achieve your goal.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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