The importance of posture

When you see someone, you judge them without noticing. Posture is more important than you think.


Posture is the first thing noticed when seeing someone. It is the first thing an artist sketches on a blank canvas. It can be seen from afar, in low light or in any condition, before seeing the face, the eyes or the clothes. The perception that we have of a person is greatly influenced by posture, this is wired into our subconscious mind as a remnant from our “animal brain”. Each pose projects the subconscious state of the mind. A great example is the way we can sense the mood of a dog just by its pose.

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.

Morihei Ueshiba


Pose conveys meaning, and this has great uses. A famous example is the way to survive a Black Bear encounter. If you appear small and scared, he will attack you because he can sense your weakness, but if you stand straight and seem bigger with your arms up he will get scared and flee.
This subconscious perception of other peoples postures remains in our brain and is a key factor when making opinions of other people, especially if it is the first meeting. That is why according to data from surveys and studies, people who slouch seem more unatractive and less confident. This is related to results that show that taller people are more valued in the workplace and earn more money. The latest study, in Australia, found that being 1,80m tall raises annual income nearly $1,000 compared to men 5 cm shorter. “Taller people are perceived to be more intelligent and powerful,” according to the study, published recently in the Economic Record.
For that reason a good posture is key, it makes people look more confident and taller. Even though it may not be rational or fair, it is still one of the many biases that still affect most of the population, and should be taken into account. So, next time that you are working or that you are about to meet somebody, be mindful of your pose and what it conveys to the others.

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